Yamba Presbyterian Church | Rosters

Rosters are our way of communicating ways we can serve within the church and use our God given gifts and talents to serve one another and glorify God in everything we do.

There are many ways to serve in and through our church. If you'd like to serve in some way, please let us know; as a church we need and appreciate your service.

Due to privacy concerns please contact Al Burke or Adrian Armstrong if you require a password to access these rosters.

Church Family

Dated: 1-Oct-2017 25-Mar-2018

Our Church Family roster is our primary roster for communicating ways we can serve our Church and it's people both during our 10:15am service and outside this time.


Leading Preaching Roster

Dated: 5-Nov-2017 28-Jan-2018

Our leading and preaching roster is for our church service leaders and preachers who lead our church services and bring us the message of God each week.


A download of this roster is currently not avaliable. Please check back later.