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Instructions on Godly Leadership


01/11/2015 | 1 Timothy 3:1-13 | Adrian Armstrong

We learn in this chapter how we should act as leaders and what qualities and qualifications are required to fulfill those roles effectively and in a Godly manner. Whether we have a formal leadership role or whether we are leading someone to know Jesus better we should be aspiring to live lives above reproach in complete obedience and holiness to God. We must have the right character so that we may live out the truth of Gods word. We must also have competency in the gospel so that we may teach the word correctly and live Godly lives. Our hearts should also be willing and glad to serve so that we may be passionate about teaching and transforming lives through the good news of Jesus. We need to be convicted of good doctrine and of the truth of the Gospel. If we do this, we can serve God effectively and lead in a way that is pleasing and honouring to God.