Yamba Presbyterian Church | Sermons

What God Says About Homosexuality


29/05/2016 | Romans 1:18-32 | Al Burke

There is a bad diagnosis of the human heart. In our natural state our heart is sick, we do not treat God as God and our hearts are far from him. We take what is made and give it the glory that God alone deserves. We take what is good and pervert it to what is evil. Sex is an example of this, where we take what is made and we take what is natural and replace it with what is unnatural. Homosexuality, pornography, and sexual immorality are just a few of the ways in which life is lived when we reject God in our lives. God calls on his creation to live under his authority. What should our response be to this news? We should be thankful that God offers us grace and that he is the one who changes our hearts. We should seek to glorify God in all of our lives, by no longer displaying darkness and suppressing the truth, but living a gracious, loving life.