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The Path of Life


16/04/2017 | Psalm 16 | Al Burke

Life can be busy, in fact so busy that we go from one thing to the next and when we stop to see what direction life is going, we can feel a little lost. Where is your life is actually going? Are you aware of why you're here? Do you feel there should be more to life than what your experience is, but you aren't sure what that 'more' is? There is more to life and there is a path that makes a lot of sense of this life. Jesus stands on the path urging us to come to him and get on the path. We can be rescued from being lost from God, by following Jesus' voice back onto the path of true life. King David takes refuge in God, and as he looks out over his kingdom, he sees that God's people are there, because of what God promised and know that God is good and faithful. David was on the path that led to life. God set him up on the path, and this gives David confidence about his future (v.10). David knows that his future involves being raised to life again. This is possible because Jesus has ris