Yamba Presbyterian Church | Sermons

The LORD Almighty Rules


18/06/2017 | 1 Samuel 5:1-7:1 | Al Burke

God will not be defeated, the LORD Almighty rules. Even when the Philistines had defeated Israel and captured the Ark of the God of Israel, God showed that he reigned over the Philistines and the gods of the Philistines. It looked like God was defeated, but God is not held captive by anyone. God judged the people wherever the ark was in Philistia and knocked off their gods. Those who oppose the LORD will be shattered. The Philistines had to learn this, and so too did Israel need to learn. We need to learn that the LORD God reigns over all. None can oppose him and his plans. We need to turn to God, recognise that he is holy, he is king, and tremble at his presence. We can only come before the LORD God through Jesus, who died for us to make us clean.