Yamba Presbyterian Church | Sermons

God is the King


09/07/2017 | 1 Samuel 8:1-22 | Adrian Armstrong

Every human ruler fails to rule perfectly. Samuel was growing old and his sons showed how they would not rule well, they were ruling without justice, integrity and equity. This future caused Israel's elders to desire a better ruler. This is often how we feel under failing authorities, we too desire a better ruler. Israel however demanded a king, without consulting God and seeking his will. In essence, they were rejecting the LORD God as their king and making their own rule, which would fail them and cause them to cry out to God for relief. This is a picture of how we all treat God in our lives and this way is doomed to fail. What Israel needed was for God to provide the better ruler for their lives. We have been given Jesus as this ultimate answer for a better ruler. He rules with true justice, equity and integrity. He defeated death and our enemies through his sacrifice. Jesus is the better ruler God has provided for us.