Yamba Presbyterian Church | Sermons

Holding onto Jesus Christ


17/09/2017 | Galatians 6:11-18 | Al Burke

It can be alluring to seek the approval of others to fit in with them, or face worrying what others think or say about us, especially when it comes to following Jesus. Paul writes to the Galatians here to remind them that it isn't worth turning away from Jesus, for in Jesus we have peace with God, assurance of salvation and the promise of resurrected life. Paul says that neither being circumcised (a Jew) or uncircumcised (a Gentile) count, but being made a new creation through faith in Jesus. We are given all we need for acceptance with God and living as the people God wants us to be, we are free to live without having to gain God's acceptance because of what Jesus did in his death and resurrection, so what can the world possibly offer us that can stack up to this? Paul knew it was nothing, which is why he willing endured persecution for following Jesus, and so he boasted in the cross and taught it because of all he had in Christ. So Paul finishes by encouraging us to know Christ and h