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The Gospel means the Good News of Jesus' victory over sin to bring wayward people like us back into relationship with God. Community means our Common Unity, which is is Jesus Himself. Our Gospel Communities are YPC's midweek groups. They're on about the Gospel being lived out in Community. We pray together, we read and discuss God's word together, we enjoy time eating and drinking together, and together we consider how to bring others to know Jesus at Yamba Presbyterian Church, God's wider Gospel Community. We desire others to know the joy, hope and peace and fellowship through Jesus that we do. 


  • Monday 9:30am - Yamba Monday Mums (Sarah Holder)

  • Monday 12:30pm - Yamba Ladies (Lyndall Tarasenko)

  • Monday 7pm - Townsend Mens (Logan Phelps)

  • Wednesday 4:15pm - Yamba Mixed (Ian Holder)

  • Wednesday 7pm - Yamba Mens (Adrian Armstrong)

  • Thursday 2:30pm Yamba Mixed (Ian Holder)

  • Thursday 7pm - Maclean Mixed (Carl Fischer)

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